Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) Rose Cut Cabochon 5mm Round

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This is prasiolite in a 5mm rose cut round. This is exceptionally clean material and these stones have superb lustre. Please note that green amethyst is noticeably pale the smaller the stone. NB: it is actually incorrect to refer to this material as green amethyst; properly it should be called prasiolite, and it is heated and treated quartz. The only reason I am still using the term is that it is so universally recognised in a way that prasiolite is not, but I will be phasing this wording out over time.

Size:  mm

Shape:  Round

Cut:  Rose Cut Cabochon

Approx carats per stone:  0.55

Country of Origin:  Brazil

Treatment: Irradiated and heated

Clarity:  Eye clean

Additional Details

0.16 Grams

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