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White Cultured Freshwater Pearls Half-Drilled Button 10-10.5mm ROSE CUT

These are very unusual rose cut button pearls in a lovely, soft ivory colour. These are custom cut, as I thought they would be interesting, and they are! They have an amazing botryoidal appearance, that is, the facets appear to be convex (bulging out a bit) instead of flat. They have a flat bottom and are half-drilled, so they can be set as cabochons in a bezel or alternatively attached to a post setting. You will receive a random assortment of sizes in the 10-10.5mm range. These pearls are not dyed but they have been bleached to remove blemishes and spots, as all freshwater pearls are. 

Size:  10-10.5mm

Cut: Rose Cut

Shape:  Half-drilled button

Colour:  White

Country of Origin:  China (cultured pearls)

Treatment:  Bleaching