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Turritella Agate Beads, matt finish, 19-20mm, LOOSE BEADS

These are large, eye-catching 19-20mm beads in turritella agate. They are fascinating as they contain the fossilized remains of a particular kind of river snail and the distincitive spiral patterns are clearly visible on each and every bead, standing out in a white to tan colour that contrasts with the background agate. They have a fantastic lustrous, silky matt finish, unbelievably tactile. In terms of colour, these beads are a mix running from ivory through to dark brown, with variation on every bead. These stones are natural and untreated. Selection of bead/s are random.

Size of bead: 19-20mm across

Colour: Ivory, brown, tan

Shape: Round

Country of Origin: USA

Treatment: None