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Tanzanite Mixed Cut Gemstone, 2.62 carats, 10.3x7mm Oval, GBTANZOV102

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This is a really stunning tanzanite mixed cut oval. The colour is deep violet-blue, a bit too violet to make it top colour, but a gorgeous shade. Medium to dark colour and beautiful eye-clean material. It would make a good-sized, impressive ring and is big enough for a pendant. Because of the pleochroic nature of the stone, the cost and scarcity of the rough, tanzanites tend to come in very odd proportions. This one is a bit of a thin oval and has its culet ever so slightly skewed to one side. Overall a lovely and beautiful stone.

Colour: Medium-dark, violet-blue
Size:  10.3x7x5.2mm

Shape:  Oval

Cut:  Mixed Cut

Approx carats per stone:  2.62

Country of Origin:  Tanzania

Treatment:  Heated

Clarity:  Eye clean