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Sapphire Oval Cabochon matched quad, 22.510 tcw, 11x8.9x5.8mm, CSAPPBLQUAD1

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This is a fantastic matched quad of semi-transparent oval cabochons with great saturation and depth of colour, and superb polish. Visible linear colour zoning. Oriented needles give this sapphire some nice chatoyancy.

Size:  11x8.9x5.8mm, 10.7x8.9x5.8mm, 11x8.9x5.6mm, 11.1x8.9x5.5mm

Shape:  Oval

Cut:  Cabochon

Carat weight:  22.510 (total carat weight)

Country of Origin: Unknown

Treatment:  Heat

Clarity:  Included - Inclusions can be seen with the naked eye