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SALE Rainbow moonstone triangle facet AAA Rose Cut Cabochon 3mm Round - per stone

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This is absolutely super-duper, completely perfect AAA rainbow moonstone in a 3mm rose cut cabochon. What is it doing in the de-stash? Well, these stones have the triangle shaped faceting, as opposed to the normal kite-shaped faceting that I offer. I took it because I didn't want my supplier to waste it, but now I have these stones in triangle and kite-shaped facets, so I'd like to shift these out so we don't get confused and to save my poor inventory from going to pot. So this really is an absolute whopping, gorgeous bargain, especially if you actually prefer this faceting. 40% discount and once they are gone they are gone. I won't be offering this quality material at this price again. These stones are 0.103 carats each. These stones are 0.103 carats each.