Ruby Cabochon 8mm Round

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These are rather interesting 8mm opaque ruby cabochons. Now, by 'rather interesting' I mean they are nice to look at, not that they are the most fabulous grade ruby; the material is opaque and fiilled with silk and other growth lines, and the colour a kind of pinkish red. Some of the stones have a bit of chatoyancy due to the silk, and it does have a lovely polish so the stones really shine. I think it's striking, which is why I am offering it for sale. It's Indian material, and obviously not treated at all.

Size:  8mm

Shape:  Round

Cut:  Cabochon

Approx carats per stone:  3.14

Country of Origin:  Indian

Treatment:  Untreated

Clarity:  Opaque

This is pink tourmaline and the colour is a nice dark pink (I also carry pale and apricot pink tourmalines in this size). The stones are only a little included and this is an excellent price for this very popular gemstone. These stones are natural and untreated.