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Rainbow Moonstone Petal Beads, 11-17mm AB grade, gloss finish, FULL STRAND

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These are very attractive rainbow moonstone petal shaped beads, top drilled. Normally with this material, we are looking for the cleanest possible with the best flash, but the charm in these beads lies in their irregularity of colour and clarity along with the black inclusions that are like splashes on the beads. There is some adularescence, but it acts more as a complement on some of the beads rather than the main actor. The beads are irregular in shape but in a roughly flat rectangle with rounded corners. Sizes of the beads are varied, with the diameter from 11-17mm and the beads are graduated on the strand with the longest ones in the middle.  These stones are natural and untreated. Selection of strand is random.

Size of bead: approx 11-17mm across top

Colour: Black and white

Shape: Rectangular drop

Length of Strand: 16" (40cm)

Approx. beads per strand: 47

Country of Origin: Not known

Treatment: None