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Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) Rose Cut Cabochon 4mm Round

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This is prasiolite in a 4mm rose cut round. This is exceptionally clean material and these stones have superb lustre. Please note that green amethyst is pale, and in this size, it is particularly so. NB: it is actually incorrect to refer to this material as green amethyst; properly it should be called prasiolite, and it is heated and treated quartz. The only reason I am still using the term is that it is so universally recognised in a way that prasiolite is not, but I will be phasing this wording out over time.

Size:  4mm

Shape:  Round

Cut:  Rose Cut Cabochon

Approx carats per stone:  0.25

Country of Origin:  Brazil

Treatment: Irradiated and heated

Clarity:  Eye clean