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Pink Tourmaline Rectangle Cushion Cabochon 15.805 carats, 18.3x13.5x6.7mm, CFRTOURSEM1

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This is a vibrant hot pink rectangular rubellite tourmaline cabochon. Very eye-catching and a substantial chunk of tourmaline that just pops. Saturation is good and polish is high. The stone is moderately included with some mirror-like inclusions, characteristic of tourmaline, cleaner at one end of the stone than the other.

Colour: Medium dark reddish purple

Saturation: Moderately strong

Size:  18.3x13.5x6.7mm

Shape: Rectangular cushion

Cut: Cabochon

Carat weight: 15.805

Country of Origin: Brazil

Treatment: Heat possible

Clarity: Moderately included