Tourmaline Bi-Colour Baguette, 1.690 carats, 8.2x6.3x4.2mm, GFRTOURBI71 - Joopy Gems

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SALE 346 Yellow Tourmaline Baguette, 1.750 carats, 8.2x6.2x4.2mm, GFRTOURBI72

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This is a really gorgeous vibrant yellow tourmaline baguette, very saturated and absolutely super-clean with superb lustre. Size-wise it's pretty much bang on 8x6mm and will be gorgeous for a ring or pendant.

Size: 8.2x6.2x4.2mm

Shape: Oblong

Cut: Step Cut Baguette

Carat weight: 0.35

Country of Origin: Brazil/South Africa

Treatment: None

Clarity: Eye-clean

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