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Labradorite Cabochon 8mm Round

Beautiful high grade 8mm labradorite cabochons with superb labradorescence (flash). Colours range from deep blue to aqua to green to gold; please state if you have a preference, but do note that the material is pleochroic to some extent. That is, the stones show their different colours from above, but appear mainly blue from the side. The background material is pale and translucent with glittering mineral flecks, as is common with Madagascan material. Please note, this material is high grade and therefore relatively free of cracks, but labradorite is very prone to cracks and fractures, and it is unusual to find completely clean material.

Size: 8mm

Shape: Round

Cut: Cabochon

Approx carats per stone: 2.37

Country of Origin: Madagascar

Treatment: None

Clarity: Opaque