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Kyanite Cabochon 4mm Round

This is high grade kyanite; a saturated and transparent royal blue with a fantastic vitreous lustre. A couple of years back, this was a popular substitue for sapphire, offering the same, vibrant colour at a fraction of the price. Trouble is, it's not as tough and a bit harder to work with - it has different hardness in 2 directions - Mohs 7 across the crystal and Mohs 5 down the crystal length, all of which also means that it remains relatively scarce. So you need to handle with care, but its so very rewarding if you do! These stones do have a bit of colour zoning, which the crystal is very prone to.

Size:  4mm

Shape:  Round

Cut:  Cabochon

Approx carats per stone:  0.4

Country of Origin:  Brazil

Treatment: None

Clarity:  Slightly included