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Keshi pearls white top-drilled 6-7mm - full strand

These are fabulous freshwater cultured keshi cornflake pearls. They are white with a fantastic high lustre that gives them a rainbow shimmer. These would look great in an individual strand but I can see several twisted together to make a fantastic and original choker. The pearls are around 6-7mm in size. A curious thing about these; despite the fact that these pearls are visibly larger than the 5-6mm pearls, there are actually more on the strand than the 5-6mm and I think this is due to the fact that they taper more at their tops and so are more packed on the strand.

Size:  6-7 x 8.5-9.5mm

Colour: White

Shape:  Keshi

Length of strand:  18 inches (40cm)

Approx pearls per strand: 90

Country of Origin:  China

Treatment:  None