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Fossilized Wood Beads, Gloss Finish, Flat Freeform, 30-40mm, FULL STRAND

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I absolutely love this material, which looks just like wood, but which handles and feels like stone. In fact it is stone; wood that has become fossilised over millenia but which retains all of the variety and markings of wood.These beads are absolutely stunning; large, flat freeforms, which are broadly oval in shape. In this size - 30-40mm - the markings look amazing in shades ranging from cool ivory greys, to soft rusty browns and deep chocolate. These will look awesome strung as beads - they are drilled horizontally through the centre of the beads - but I can also see them set in window or bezel settings and looking absolutely knock-out. These come individually knotted on a 16 inch strand.

Size of bead: 30-40mm

Colour: Browns, creams, yellows

Shape: Flat freeform, roughly oval

Approx no. of beads per strand: 10

Length of strand: 16 inches (40cm)

Weight of strand: 150 grams

Country of Origin: Not known

Treatment: None

Clarity: Opaque