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Chrysoprase Beads, matt finish, rough rondelle, 12-17mm, FULL STRAND

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These are really fantastic! A full strand of rough chrysoprase beads cut into a vaguely rondelle/doughnut shape. The strands are loosely graduated and run from around 12.5mm at the smallest to 17mm at the largest. A mix of colours from white through to vibrant green and since these are rough, some beads have dents and druzy-like gaps. Very hard to explain! But so distinctive and special. Lovely matt finish adds to the organic feel. Beads are individually knotted onto the strand for protection. Selection of strand is random.

Size of bead: 12-17mm

Colour: Slightly yellowish green

Shape: Rondelle

Length of Strand: 16" (40cm)

Approx. beads per strand: 32

Country of Origin: Unknown

Treatment: None