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Chrysocolla Beads, Gloss Finish, Freeform, 30-40mm, FULL STRAND, B Grade

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Chrysocolla is one of my favourite materials, so varied, made up of a variety of different minerals. These flat, freeform but roughly oval beads at between 30-40mm are large enough to see all this variety. They are amazing! They look like a map of the world, or of a river delta. So interesting and fascinating. These are beads, drilled vertically through the centre of the bead. However, I think that they could also look amazing set in a window or even a bezel setting.

 Size of bead:  30-40mm

Colour: Green, turquoise, brown, ivory

Shape: Flat freeform but roughly oval

Approx no. of beads per strand: 12

Length of strand: 16 inches (40cm)

Weight of strand: 100 grams

Country of Origin: Not known

Treatment: None

Clarity: Opaque