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Aquamarine Nugget Beads, 5-10mm, AB grade, Gloss Finish, FULL STRAND

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These are aquamarine polished nugget beads in a array of subtly different colours and sizes in the sea green range. In more accurate terms, I mean, pale but saturated greenish blue; some more clear, some more milky. These beads are included but all the more beautiful for it as it is the inclusions that give these beads in part their variation and beauty. A mixture of clean and milky. In terms of quality, these are AB grade. These stones are natural and untreated. Selection of strand is random.

Size of bead: approx 5-10mm

Colour: Light green-blue

Shape: Nugget

Length of Strand: 16" (40cm)

Approx. beads per strand: 60

Country of Origin: Brazil

Treatment: None