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Amethyst Lily/Flower Beads, SMALL, Gloss Finish, 15-20mm, LOOSE BEADS

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These are beautiful and unusual amethyst beads. I have these in two sizes, and these are the smaller size; around 15-20mm per stone. They are carved in what looks to me like an arum lily shape these have colour zoning that gives the flowers depth and interest, darker and lighter amethyst and some have some yellow/gold citrine shades on them. I can do vaguely (as opposed to perfectly) matched pairs in these, that is matched as far as is possible so please ask for this if you would like it. These stones are natural and untreated. Selection of bead is random. Very pretty and unusual.

Size of bead: 15-20mm long approx

Colour: Purple

Shape: Carved flower

Country of Origin: Not known

Treatment: None