Tanzanite Mixed Cut Oval, 3.33 carats, 10.8x8.5mm, GBTANZOV103

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This is an absolutely beautiful tanzanite mixed cut oval. The colour is deep violet-blue; a bit too violet to make it top colour, but a gorgeous shade. Medium to dark colour and beautiful eye-clean material. It would make a good-sized, impressive ring and is big enough for a pendant. Because of the pleochroic nature of the stone, the cost and scarcity of the rough, tanzanites tend to come in very odd proportions. This one has its culet ever so slightly skewed to one side but it isn't enough to significantly affect the look of the stone. Overall beautiful stone.

Colour: Medium-dark, violet-blue
Size:  10.8x8.5x5.5mm

Shape:  Oval

Cut:  Mixed Cut

Approx carats per stone:  3.33

Country of Origin:  Tanzania

Treatment:  Heated

Clarity:  Eye clean