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Nordstrom-Etsy link-up

by Julia Aufenast March 11, 2013

This is really interesting; a collaboration between Etsy Wholesale and Nordstrom, offering Etsy sellers the opportunity to place their goods into Nordstrom stores. I’ve long thought that Etsy offers a fantastic deal on jewellery, bringing original, one-off designs made from precious metals and proper gemstones into reach for the average person who wants quality but can’t consider spending thousands of dollars. I’ve blogged before about big-brand costume jewellery and how much you don’t get for your money and to me, Etsy is the antidote to that. So it’s great to see that big stores are now recognising the prodigious amount of talent collected there, and giving it a wider audience and the kind of helpful credibility that having your products in a large store can confer. Now, I’ve no idea what kinds of products Nordstrom are looking for, or the scope and reach of the programme  – it seems that you have to sign up for Etsy’s wholesale programme and then the selection of products is done as a collaboration between Etsy and Nordstrom – but I hope they do recognise some of the unique jewellery design, and I’d love to hear from anyone who benefits from this programme. For the article in JCK News click here, for the Etsy blog post describing the programme (as well as other retailers Etsy has linked up with) click here, to sign up for Etsy’s wholesale programme, click here.

Julia Aufenast
Julia Aufenast

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