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I’ve been tryi…

by Julia Aufenast April 27, 2012

I’ve been trying for ages to work out the best kind of faceting for stones with a schiller; ie labradorite, moonstone etc. The issue for me is to find the faceting that works with, rather than against, the schiller, or at least does not fight with the schiller for attention. First of all I tried checkerboard faceting, and that was not bad; the problem being that it is a kind of faceting that is less popular somehow. Something to do with the regularity, or perhaps the fact that when you are setting it you have to get the facets lined up exactly right or the piece looks off-centre. Rose cutting was popular, but I always felt that it didn’t work quite as well; the cutting seemed to force the light in a certain direction that wasn’t always the best in terms of the schiller. So here is my latest offering;  honeycomb faceting.  The irregular facets glitter like mirrors when they catch the light, and they also allow the light to travel across the stone and pick up the schiller uninterrupted. The style of faceting also complements the organic look of the stone, so in short I think it works really well. I hope you agree; I have just listed 12mm, 8mm and 5mm labradorite with honeycomb faceting, and if it goes well, I will extend the faceting across the range. All three available in my shop – – and priced respectively $16.50, $5 and $1.50 USD

Julia Aufenast
Julia Aufenast

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