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First of the new

by Julia Aufenast July 29, 2011 1 min read

New products as promised!  Beautiful 8mm rose cut peridot, a really vibrant apple-green colour with just a touch of gold, and such a nice, big size for this stone.  I allowed just a few inclusions into this so as to keep the stones affordable, but I am so pleased because they are barely noticeable.  I can see this looking great for the autumn perhaps with some golds and pinks and purples.  Also pink tourmaline in 4mm cabochons – yes, I got the pinks sorted!  We have dark and light pink and dark and light apricot.  This is really gorgeous quality material – a few inclusions; you always get that with tourmaline unless you are as rich as Croesus – but very clean for this stone and still an excellent price.  Check them all out at!  And look out for more coloured 4mm tourmaline which I will list over the coming days.

Julia Aufenast
Julia Aufenast

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